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Post  dwatts1984 on Tue 18 Jun 2013, 10:10 pm

Im hoping to find a bit of wisdom here. The sport of long driving seems to still be in the shadows a bit. Im having trouble finding places where I can practice and get real instruction and facts. I currently live in Gulf Breeze Florida (Next to Pensacola FL) There are golf courses all around me however cant seem to find anyone anywhere with experience in this area. Id really like to get my swing speed measured, as I currently have no idea what it is ( however golfers and golf pros say I swing really fast, doesn't help much)

I don't have expensive gear or anything right now which is what sparked my interest in long drive competition. Currently I'm using an old old driver made by"Arsenal" says  Ka-Boom on it! Yes im serious. Titanium alloy metal wood Driver 1 , 290cc Volume. Shaft seems to be a little stiff. Standard length I believe at 46 against a wall. I max out my driving range with this club. There's a bank and other businesses at the back of my range that I hit with this crapper of a club. The problem I'm having is no one seems to have an accurate measurement of the range distance. I used googlemaps to estimate which comes out to about 275 yards. But again estimate using their measurements.
I'm 6'1" 215lbs (very athletic build) Im a natural athlete. I play nearly every sport.

Anyhow I was hoping someone might have information about pros in my area that have expertise in this sport specifically. Also any advice on how to proceed as a new player. Looked on the Remax website and found that outside Huntsville AL there's a local tourney. (Madison Golf Center)  My understanding is if I can win a local tournament, I would then move to the next level which would be a regional tourney...? Again Just hoping someone might help point me in the right direction! 

Hope to hear from someone,


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