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Good Job !!! Empty Good Job !!!

Post  Breno on Mon 19 Sep 2011, 4:20 pm

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to use the Forum to say thanks to Jason and Nicole for all their hard work and dedication.

I believe they put together a great year, you can't complain about 10 events plus an Aussie Final.
In order to grow the sport, they have taken us to new venues travelling all over Australia.

Also, a big hand to everyone that helped them along the journey.
I think that they grid guys and girls who donate their time for free,
often don't get the thanks that they deserve.
So thanks a plenty!

To all those competitors who came and supported the Tour, I tip my hat to you also.

Can't wait for next year,



Very Happy

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Good Job !!! Empty Good Job

Post  The Skipper on Tue 20 Sep 2011, 12:37 pm

I agree with Breno good job guys bring on next year. Thanks again for all your support.

The Skipper

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Good Job !!! Empty good job

Post on Wed 21 Sep 2011, 11:51 am

I totally agree with breno and kerry, well done jason and nicole. so many things have to come together to produce such good events month after month and to finish with a final like that was fantastic, competition in every grade was fierce , congrats to all competitors and best wishes to all going to the states. i personally really enjoyed the competition but equally important has been meeting such a group of nice genuine people. looking forward to next year,
best wishes to all
peter neve

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Good Job !!! Empty Re: Good Job !!!

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